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Fexi Becomes Market Leader

In the three years of our existence on the Czech market for window blinds and one year on the Slovak market, we have experienced rapid growth. Our hard work has yielded results. At the moment fexi.cz is the most visited website in the field of Day and Night Blinds.

How did we achieve this?

We combined enthusiasm, knowledge, dedicated team members and of course investments in technology and distribution. But our success is mainly built on our analytical and data-driven approach – we don’t guess, we don’t go in with a gut feeling, we base everything on analyses and hard data.

We are constantly improving our product. Just the fact that we deliver our Day and Night blinds already assembled lifts us above other suppliers. In addition, we are constantly working to ensure that our fabrics are of the highest quality, and the same goes for the other components.

We also monitor quality in production and improve our processes to eliminate fraying fabric and other flaws that are sometimes seen with other suppliers.

A recent innovation is the electrification of blinds. Not only can you get electronically operated blinds but if you have manually operated blinds at home, you can additionally equip them with a motor to operate them. We are also working on remote controls using smartphone apps or smart home apps.

What we pride ourselves on is our unique customer support system. We treat everyone who calls or writes to us with personal care. We’ve set up a Trouble-free shopping service for you. This allows us to help you with measuring your window, choosing the right fabric and type of cassette, guiding you through the order or placing the whole order for you.

But even the best fabrics, technology, data and information is not enough. Everything we do is based on a dedicated team of passionate people. Behind everything is human work. Every single blind is handled several times by people from our team. They make sure it is fully functional, correctly assembled and nothing is missing.

Everyone at FEXI sees the project as their own. You can feel that when you call customer support, for example – you’re not punching in different numbers to click through an automated robot voice. No. You’re dealing with the friendly voice of a person who knows everything about Day and Night blinds and can help you.

And that personal touch is evident in everything we do. Whether it’s assembling the blinds, packaging them, communicating with the customer, dealing with returns or servicing them. Our customers come back to us because they are satisfied. And that is our goal.

In fact, even at this time when many companies are closing down, we have started to offer our products in Slovakia and we are about to enter other countries like Germany.

Mainly because of your support, we supply blinds to tens of thousands of homes in the Czech Republic every year. We look forward to the same situation in Slovakia soon.