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Investment Group Westlogic Enters the German Market

After several months of preparation, the investment group Westlogic is entering the German online market, which has been growing significantly in recent years. We have worked hard to enter the market of the second strongest economy in the European Union. Germany, the most populated country in the EU, offers us a range of opportunities as well as new challenges. With our team of experts, we have developed analyses, strategies and business models for our projects to ensure long-term and sustainable growth in order to meet our goals.

German consumers are very willing to shop online and almost 87% of consumers use the internet on a daily basis. Quality, trust in a brand and affordable products are important to the German consumer. All these parameters are met by our projects. At the same time, our projects provide our customers with excellent service and shopping experience.

We currently operate in five European countries: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and we are about to enter the Hungarian market.