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We create our own brands
and build market leaders
in e-commerce

Westlogic is a Czech e‑commerce group that focuses on building brands and online stores in the fast‑growing fields of art and shading technology in 12 European countries, with an annual turnover of over EUR 10.5 million. Our brands and online stores are becoming leaders in their field.
Our greatest strength is our ability to repeatedly discover new opportunities in e‑commerce, build brands and online stores from the ground up and achieve significant growth quickly
The key to our success and growth is the cooperation between the various departments of our company – production, purchasing, sales, HR, management, customer care and marketing.
We sell our products primarily online, but also offline in brick-and-mortar stores.
We focus on continuous innovations of our online stores, products and excellent customer experience.

Our brands

We create e-commerce brands that become leaders in their industry. We have built each brand from scratch.


Our unique approach to e‑commerce

We have developed specific procedures and analyses to identify fast‑growing trends in different industries and countries around the world.

Based on the collected data, analysis and AI, we can identify industries and products in e‑commerce with huge growth potential.

  • unique method for discovering and building opportunities in dynamic e‑commerce
  • supported by examples of successful brands such as Fexi, Zuty, Foa and Diamondi
  • 6+ years of experience in analyzing industries and verticals

Our team

Ondřej Pekárek
Executive director, co-owner
Veronika Kubesová
Senior Graphic Designer
Roman Berglowiec
Founder and owner
Our team of experts creates market leaders in e‑commerce.
Jan Urban
Petr Bednařík
CMO, co-owner
We are experts in data analysis, manufacturing, marketing and finance.
Adam Filip
Production Manager
Jan Ptašek
Lenka Šodková
Project Manager
We are businessmen and strong personalities with a unified vision.
Ondřej Holubec
Renata Kolářová
HR Specialist
Veronika Jančíková
Customer Care Manager
We are producers, innovators and builders.

We are expanding
to 12 European countries

We are building online stores in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Holland, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

We focus on foreign markets with growth potential. Our priority is growth and expansion.

Our partners

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Let's grow together

Are you interested in cooperation with us? Are you intrigued by our vision? Do you want to participate with us in building our brands and online stores?
Then contact us and together we will find ways of cooperation and new opportunities. We like to connect with companies, entrepreneurs, and people who have a vision and are willing to build a business in e-commerce.
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Do you have a tip on how we can use AI in our business? Contact us.

We use artificial intelligence extensively in our company for various activities and we welcome every idea or thought.


Day and Night Blinds

Uncompromising leader on the Czech and Slovak market in the production, distribution and sale of popular Day and night roller blinds. FEXI is constantly working on its position as a lovebrand and tries to improve it by the quality of the products and excellent customer support during the purchase and also by the after-sales services.


Creative fun and paintings

Europe’s largest manufacturer, distributor and retailer of fun and relaxing paint by numbers kits. ZUTY has been instrumental in building awareness of this creative trend.


Interior shading technology

Manufacturer and distributor of a full portfolio of the interior shading technology, including roller blinds and insect nets. FOA is emerging as a leader in the Czech market and going to expand to other EU countries.


Creative fun

Europe’s largest manufacturer, distributor and retailer of fun and relaxation diamond painting kits.